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Grygla Seed & Services, LLC - About Us

Grygla Seed & Services L.L.C. started in August of 2010.  It is a family business owned and operated by Andy Oslund.   Andy has agronomy and product knowledge training from Thunder Seed, as well as experience on his own farm.     

We sell Thunder Seed soybeans & Corn, treat and inoculate seed as well. We have a ProBulk setup and offer delivery of soybean and corn seed. 

We sell Meridian smooth wall hopper bottom bins, seed tenders, augers, conveyors and double walled fuel tanks.  If you need a grain bin we sell GSI & Westeel grain bins.  Another great thing that we have to offer is Crop Insurance.  Check out the products and services we provide with the Products & Services links above.


103 East Esplee Street
PO Box 169
Grygla, MN 56727


(218) 294-6064 Office
(218) 242-0677 Cell


(218) 242-5671 Cell


103 East Esplee Street Grygla, MN 56727