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At Grygla Seed & Services, we are glad to say that we can offer GSI & Westeel grain bins.  We work with PM Ag out of Horace ND and we have several crews putting up bins all around the country.  Every one of our customers has been very happy with the quality and workmanship that the PM Ag crews provide.  Paul has close to 30 years in the grain storage business and you can be assured that you are getting the best knowledge and services.  We can also offer grain legs, overhead conveyors, and grain dryers.  Please call or email us for a quote.  

No matter how high yields are, harvest time grain prices are no guarantee for maximum profitability. On-farm grain storage offers many benefits, including increased harvest capacities and uptime, as well as the freedom to hold your commodity for better returns in the future. Those looking for an edge when markets are low, look to GSI's grain bins to help maximize profitability.


Westeel Wide-Cor and Centurion-W grain bins are designed for on-farm use, and for small commercial operations. The design of the exterior stiffeners is a perfect balance of strength and steel use such that sidewalls are over 2.5 times more efficient at achieving the maximum load possible out of each pound of steel. This provides the additional strength you want without the extra expense of having to use a heavier gauge.