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Meridian Smooth Bottom Bin

Meridian Bins

Meridian bins have smooth walls, they are all welded with no bolts for better product flow. There are Meridian bins for grain, seed, fertilizer, and feed. Meridian bins are powder coated, and built to last. With decades of experience Meridian stands behind their products.


Meridian Seed Tenders

Meridian seed tenders are designed with farmers, and seed dealers in mind. Meridian seed tenders are powder coated and come with more standard options than the competition. There are models from 100-800+ units. Bulk seed tenders can  save you time when it's most valuable. 


Meridian Augers

Meridian augers were formerly Sakundiak augers, they are built to last. Flighting is directly rolled on to the shaft for smooth fast product delivery. Continuous flighting, super edge flighting, spline couplers, and powder coat paint are only some of the advantages to a Meridian auger


Meridian Conveyors

Meridian conveyors are designed for commercial seed operations or to be used on the farm. Meridian conveyors have a unique cleated belt that offers fast delivery, yet is gentle on your seed. Meridan conveyors are powder coated and built with the highest quality. 

Meridian mfg Fuel Tank
Meridian Fuel Trailer

Meridian Double Walled Fuel Tanks

Meridian double walled fuel tanks are an essential part of any operation.  They are UL certified and provide safe and effective fuel delivery. Meridian fuel tanks come in vertical and horizontal models ranging from 1,000-12,000+ gallons. 


Meridian Fuel Trailers

Available in 520 and 990 U.S. gallons, the Meridian Fuel Trailer is the latest innovation in fuel transportation. Portable fuel storage allows you to refuel at your convenience, on-location or in the field, and makes transferring fuel easier and more convenient than ever before. Our Fuel Trailer is constructed with 10 gauge steel, double welded seams and powder coated to offer maximum durability
Meridian Creep Feeder

Creep Feeder

Meridian is excited to bring our version of a creep feeder to our extended product line that continues to meet all the different elements of the farm and livestock markets. Meridian’s Creep Feeder MAX 160 is an innovative calf creep feeding system that is built to feed calves while keeping the cattle out. Meridian’s Creep Feeder MAX 160 offers convenience and maximum durability with added features and benefits to ensure that it will stand tough through the terrain and livestock that will test it.