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Crop Insurance Service from an Agent with a Farmer's Perspective

With today's unpredictable weather and volatile economic environments, risk management, which includes crop insurance, is even more important than ever to the long-term success of a farm operation. As a local agency we understand your specific needs and how to protect your crop in our unique growing conditions. Northern Ag Inc. sells insurance for Armtech Insurance and Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance. Our agents are uniquely qualified to provide you with a customized plan to serve your operations'

Why Choose Northern Ag, Inc.?

  • We can provide you with personalized service to match the right crop insurance product to your risk management needs. We'll help you make the most of what you plant.
  • We can help you understand how to use crop insurance as a risk management tool to add value to your business.
  • We specialize in crop insurance and we are trained on the latest changes in crop insurance so we can provide you with the service that you expect when working with Grygla Seed & Services LLC.

We will listen to your needs, your concerns and your goals for your business to assist you in developing a risk management package that can include seed genetics and crop protection as well as crop insurance.

Crop insurance can be used in many different ways to benefit your operation. Northern Ag Inc. agents bring a unique vantage point to the crop insurance equation; they understand agriculture and risk management and can provide you with a personalized crop insurance plan to match the right product to your risk management needs.

Northern Ag Crop Insurance contact: 

Lindsay Oslund: (218) 242-5671
Jody Miller: (218) 689-3601

Kyle Thingvold

Hannah Torkelson

  If you would like to information for commodity marketing please contact Jody Miller. 
Jody can help find the right commodity marketing goals to complete you farm's risk management plans.  
Combine fire in corn field

Did you know that Crop Hail Insurance from Armtech or Farmer's Mutual Hail can cover you for fire and other disasters?