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Sy Ingmar

Medium maturity for greater yield potential in high-performance environments. Broadly adapted, very high protein potential, and a solid disease package with a SY Soren pedigree. After only two seasons, second only to SY Soren in planted acres.


Shelly is a wheat variety produced by The University of Minnesota. This variety has a high end yield potential with good protein. Shelly stands medium tall with below average straw strength. Plant in lower population with lower Nitrogen rates. Yields high with good protein, but tends to fall down.

Sy McCloud

A well-rounded variety for the Northern Plains market, building on some of the best traits in other AgriPro Brand varieties. It provides strong disease tolerance and standability that help result in high yield and protein plus excellent test weight.

Sy Valda

Top-end yield potential from slightly later maturity coupled with strong disease tolerance that keeps leaves green longer, extending kernel fill time. Strong standing with very good test weight and moderate protein levels—an excellent complement when planting SY Ingmar and SY Soren.


Linkert is another University of Minnesota wheat variety. Linkert was released in 2014 and is now the number one variety grown in MN. Known for its balanced profile and standing strong, it is no wonder why farmers like it. Good yields and excellent protein make this a great variety. Short straw height and a good disease package.