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Grygla Seed & Services, LLC is a family-owned agricultural sales business that offers high-quality Thunder Seed Product, Meridian Manufacturing Products, GSI & Westeel Bins, forage supplies, T & T Foam Cleaner from MS Schippers, and wildlife plot seed. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and reliable products to farmers around the area.

Our Company

Soybean Test Plot Thunder Seed John Deere

As lifelong farmers and members of the Grygla community, Lindsay and Andy started Grygla Seed and Services in 2010 to offer personalized agricultural products and services.  With years of hands on experience, they understand what it takes to produce a successful crop and are committed to working alongside local farmers to help them achieve the highest yields possible.  They are proud to be part of a family tradition and to play an active role in the community they call home.  When you work with us, you’re not just another number.  We strive to build long-lasting relationships and provide the support and resources farmers need to thrive. 

Thunder Seed Soybean Grygla Family
Thunder Seed Soybean Plot Planting
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