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Authorized Dealer Meridian MFG

Innovation, Quality and Service you've trusted since 1965.  Build your legacy with Meridian Storage and Handling products.

Meridian GrainMax Bins
Multi-Purpose Bins Meridian

GrainMax Hopper Grain Bins

The GrainMax® hopper bin provides top-quality grain and seed storage at prices comparable to corrugated hopper combos. The GrainMax®’s seamless interior allows for safe and easy unloading while ensuring no trapped seed or contaminants on the walls or joints.

Completely self-cleaning with no bolts or ribs, the GrainMax® hopper bin is the safest and most efficient on farm grain storage solution available. With proven quality and durability, Meridian’s GrainMax® grain bins help you farm efficiently by saving you time and energy in your grain storage and handling.

Multi-Purpose Fertilizer Bins

Meridian Multi-Purpose Bins are built to be versatile. Whether you’re looking for bulk dry fertilizer storage, a grain bin, or seed storage, our Multi-Purpose Bins are the right fit for your operation. Plus, they can be used for coal and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity.

We offer a variety of corrosion-resistant powder coat options including zinc and epoxies to ensure years of trouble-free storage. You need effective storage and handling equipment with custom-designed configurations for loading and discharging dry flowable products.

Truck Load Conventional Augers

Meridian Conventional Auger

Meridian’s heavy-duty conventional auger is one of the fastest, quietest, and safest augers on the market for loading grains, pulses, legumes, or oilseeds for transport.

Innovations like an improved undercarriage and axle design that provides better weight distribution and the self-leveling motor mount provides consistent belt tension regardless of the height of the auger. It all means unparalleled loading performance for your farm.

Backed by 70 years of experience in design and fabrication, with advice and input directly from farm operators, Meridian continues to set industry standards in grain handling equipment.

Swing Augers

Swing Auger Meridian

Meridian’s Swing Augers are rugged, versatile, and built heavy-duty enough for your farm or milling grain needs.

Our frame design allows for better weight distribution, easier maneuverability, and increased stability when operating the auger in the raised position.

Meridian’s grain augers are powder-coated for a durable long-lasting finish. For increased convenience, the reversing kit comes standard with our Meridian Swing Auger. Plus, the hopper lift can accommodate any operating situation by placing the hopper on the left or right side of the main tube.

Meridian’s 14” Swing Auger moves up to 15,000 bushels per hour of grains, pulses, oilseeds, or legumes, and is one of the quietest augers on the market. Trust the Meridian Swing Auger for unparalleled loading performance.

Seed Tenders

meridian seed tenders

Meridian Seed Express® Bulk Seed Tenders® are manufactured to accommodate multiple objectives and operations, with the largest selection in the seed handling industry.  We take the work out of loading seed into your planter or drill, decreasing the downtime in the field, and keeping your tractor and planter moving.  We’ve optimized our tenders for various seed products and recommend the unit with the options and accessories to best suit your farming operation.

Seed Titan Box Seed Tender features patented box guides, hydraulic drive and a trailer platform. This no-nonsense design is the perfect fit for your agri-business to offer fast and efficient seed handling and delivery.​

4055 Seed Tender Meridian
meridian mfg load conveyor

Truck Load Conveyors

Meridian Truck Load Conveyors are ideal for handling seed, loading the planter and unloading bins.  With its high capacity and gentle handling of your commodity, the Meridian truck load conveyor is your best choice for farm efficiency and savings.

fueltanks Meridian

Vertical Fuel Tanks

Meridian’s UL-142 approved fuel tanks feature the same design, strength and quality standards that incorporate all Meridian products. These double walled, 100% containment tanks are ideal for a variety of liquid products, preventing costly leaks and providing environmentally safe storage. Meridian’s exclusive powder coat finish outperforms standard paints with superior corrosion resistance, durable weather protection, and a sleek clean look, assuring customer satisfaction and decades of trouble-free service.

Fuel Trailer

Meridian 520 Fuel Trailer

Refuel at your convenience using a Meridian Fuel Trailer. Our all-in-one trailers will keep you in the field longer and increase productivity. The retractable diesel reel and auto nozzle eliminates tangled hoses and make refueling quick and easy. Constructed with trusted innovation and durability, the Meridian Fuel Trailer saves time and frustration, transferring fuel from your farm to your equipment in peak planting and harvest seasons

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