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Protect Systems Foam Soap T&T Cleaner Grygla

MS T&T Foam Cleaner 2.0

T&T Cleaner 2.0

MS T&T Cleaner 2.0 (Truck & Trailer) is a safe and effective brushless cleaner designed for use on all farm related equipment and machinery.

Benefits of MS T&T Cleaner 2.0

  • Economical low use rate of 1% - 2% - (Less than 7oz to wash a crew cab truck) 

  • 100% Biodegradable and the rinse water is environmentally safe with no restrictions, even to marine and plant life

  • This product is not a true degreaser and will not remove wax. (Hot water will remove wax.) 

  • Clear coat safe and prevents scratching from brushes and dirty rags 

  • Thick foam adheres on contact, so dirt and road grime will be removed with proper washing techniques. 

  • The best brushless cleaner available for tires and stubborn bug debris. 

  • Suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, floors, trailers, RV’s, vinyl siding, tractors, walls and many other farming applications 

  • Available in 22kg (5.1 gal) and 1 gal

5 Gallons $245 + tax
1 Gallon $80 + tax

T&T foam kit a

Foam Kit A 

  • Foam Gun

  • Plug

  • Drain Tap

$150 + tax

T&T Paint pro xd

Paint Pro XD

We recommend using Paint Pro XD to coat all plastic trim, textured black fenders, fuel tanks, grills, exhaust stacks and lights. XD can be used on paint with the same finished results as Paint Pro but the use rate is higher. If there are painted surfaces that need additional protection then this is the product to use. XD is also the perfect choice for all off-road toys.

$175 + tax

T&T foam kit b

Foam Kit B 

  • Foam Gun

  • Quick connector KEW/Alto

  • 2 Coupling KEW/Alto

  • Adapter

  • Teflon Tape

  • Drain Tap

$230 + tax

T&T Paint Pro

Paint Pro 

Paint Pro is recommended to protect all smooth painted surfaces that will not be exposed to extreme conditions. We typically use this product to coat the hood, painted fenders and the painted areas around the cab of equipment. It is also the perfect choice for your favorite on road toys.

$175 + tax

T&T Glass Pro

Glass Pro

We only recommend using Glass Pro on actual glass. It is specially formulated to bond with glass and when it is fully cured the glass will be slick and very easy to clean. For in field cleaning we recommend using a California Duster to clean the dust off the glass at the end of every workday.​

  • Protects windshield from micro scratches

  • Hydrophobic effect

  • Increased visibility

  • Speeds up winter de-icing

  • Makes cleaning insect splatter a breeze

  • Easy application in just a few short minutes

  • Long-lasting protection up to 2 full years depending on environmental and care factors

$90 + tax

T&T Korean microfiber Towel

Korean Microfiber Towel

The perfect towel for ceramic coating balances performance and cost. After two years of testing, we have found the perfect towel for ceramic coating applications.​

  • Premium Korean Plush Microfiber

  • 16"x16"

  • 350 gsm

  • 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide - 100% Split

  • Zero Edge - Ultrasonic Cut - Scratch Free Edgeless Design

  • Made in South Korea

$4 + tax

T&T prolong


Prolong can be used as a standalone EXTREME gloss coating or as a seasonal maintenance product for Paint Pro, Paint Pro XD and Glass Pro. Simply spray on and wipe off for amazing results.​

  • As a standalone coating, Prolong will protect painted surfaces from UV light, add a EXTREME gloss finish while providing a HYPER slick surface that repels water. Prolong is the perfect product to use when our professional ceramic coatings are not an option.

  • As a maintenance product and with seasonal use, Prolong will ensure years of performance from existing Paint Pro, Paint Pro XD and Glass Pro coated surfaces. Prolong was designed to form an additional layer on the surface of our other T&T Protect professional ceramic coatings, adding HYPER gloss and restoring the water-repellent properties of the professional coatings

$70 + tax

T&T applicator pad

Applicator Pads

$2.50 + tax

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